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Ambient Balls - 30 Lamps
Fire Tones

Brand: Blaze On
Product Code: LED-AMB-FIR-30
Availability: In Stock


8 Metre Clear LED Light String with 30 Fire Toned Cotton Balls

We make our Ambient Ball Fairy Lights from orange and red cotton. Fine threads are spun by hand to form a sheer, lightweight ball, about the size of a clementine. Once formed, balls dyed and starched to form their distinct architectural shape. Their delicate weave filters the LED to create a soft, magical ambient glow. 

  • Overall string length: 8 metres (26’ 2”)
  • Decorated Length: 6 metres with 20 cm between lights
  • Lead to Plug: 2 metres
  • Decoration: Approx. 5 cm

  • Designed by Lisa Durr & the Blaze On Artisan Collective.

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