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Chelsea Rose - Battery & Mains Lavender Garden – Battery & Mains

Chelsea Rose - Battery & Mains
Lavender Garden – Battery & Mains

Brand: Blaze On
Product Code: BAT-SAA-LAV-20
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5 Metre LED Light String with Mains Plug & 3AA Battery Pack

We make these Lavender Bouquet Chelsea Rose Fairy Lights from a lush, sustainably sourced mulberry paper. A delicate rubber leaf frame is affixed on the outside of each petal, to magically conceal a fine floral wire. These roses can therefore be shaped to mimic various stages bloom and give the impression of a fresh climbing rose.

  •  Overall string length: 5 metres (16’ 5”)
  •  Decorated Length: 3 metres with 15cm between lights
  •  Lead to Plug: 2 metres
  •  Decorations: 20 Purple & White Roses of 5-6 cm across       

Designed by Lisa Durr & the Blaze On Artisan Collective

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Note: To switch power source simply detach the Battery Pack/Mains Plug, attached alternate power source to the string. 

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